Girls, Phone Numbers, & Magic

Over 10 million views, now what do I do?

After the success of "The Magic Kissing Card Trick" video, I was not sure what video to release next. I could tell people really liked my new video but I wanted to wait another month before I released another magic-related video. I wasn't able to get any of my other videos uploaded because I became very busy. I had many interviews including an opportunity to be on Jimmy Fallon's late night show.  Since three weeks had passed since my last video was uploaded, I thought it was a perfect time for another magic trick video.

I decided that my next video was going to be on how to get a girls number using magic. There were a lot of magic tricks I could have done but I needed something equally as impressive. Since the new trick would not involve kissing, its shock value had to be equal or greater than getting a kiss. I thought to myself, "What trick could I do that would be really cool?" Then a thought popped in my head: What if I had a girl sign a card, shuffle the deck, then, after I threw the deck at the window, she would see the card appear on the other side of the glass? Now that would be cool.

Night Waffles and a Magic Trick

A shot of me performing the trick in the day time.
So I figured out how to do it and went about performing and perfecting it. After some practice, I decided to go out and film it. I needed to film at a place that was sociable, had cute girls and was well lit. I decided to film in front of the Awful Waffle, this really great waffle place built in the courtyard of a new apartment complex in Provo.

A few friends and I started filming at around 6 o'clock that day. We felt rushed for time because we wanted to film everything before it got dark. But after awhile, we realized the shots looked better at night. So we waited until dark and began filming again. It proved a little difficult to get girls to be in my video but, after some clarification, we got a lot of volunteers.

When I asked girls to be in my magic trick video, a lot of them recognized me and thought I was going to incorporate kissing in the trick. Not until I mentioned there was no kissing, did they agree to participate. I got so used to explaining that the new trick wouldn't have kissing in it, that I ended up saying it to girls who had never seen my videos before. Then I had to awkwardly explain to them that I make kissing videos but that this new video didn't have any. I swear they probably thought I had a windowless-van parked out front with a sign that read "Free Candy."

"You want my number and a date?"

On the first day of filming, I would only ask girls to write down their phone numbers on the card. It wasn't until the last trick of the night that I incorporated an additional part. I was performing the trick for a girl that night who was really cute. When I got to the part where I explain how she would give me the last four digits of her number if I found her card, I couldn't help but ask her out. I showed people footage of that trick and they suggested I incorporate asking out the girl every time. So for the other two days of filming, I added the extra line.
Would you give your number to this guy?

The weirdest experience of the three days of shooting is when I performed the trick for a girl who is on the video. I told her if I could find her card, she would give me the last four digits of her number. She agreed. It wasn't until I added that I get to take her on a date did she say she had a boyfriend. Why did she wait until then to let me know? There is only one reason a guy asks for a girls number. Well, at least she was being honest.

"Oh my gosh you're great!"

What really surprised me about the three-day shoot were the reactions. I didn't expect the girls to be as amazed as they were. With magic, you have to practice a trick many times to master it. Through these practices, I forget how cool it is until I perform it for someone who is seeing it for the first time. 

It was so much fun to perform! I worked with some great people and had some really great volunteers. Thanks to the support of many of my friends and strangers, I was able to take my magic to the next level. 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to message me below.

Hope you enjoyed the video!


Jimmy Fallon & Magic Kisses

"There is a power in kissing."

"Jimmy is a huge fan of your work."
Last week I received an email from "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" asking me if I would like to be on the show in a few weeks. Apparently Jimmy Fallon had brought me up in one of their meetings and wanted me on the show. I was blown away. I love Jimmy Fallon and now he wanted me on his live show. I responded immediately and began to free up my schedule in the upcoming weeks. Something must have changed because the next day I got a call from the show and they asked, "How about this Friday?" I couldn't believe it. I was going to New York! 

For the trip I decided to take my friend Nate from the Mistletoe Kissing prank. He had been with me since the beginning and I didn't want to go to New York by myself. The late night show had someone pick us up from the airport and put us in a hotel right in front of Rockefeller Plaza. Before getting some shut eye, Nate and I walked around Times Square and took in the city life. 
Back Stage

The next morning we spent exploring New York because we didn't have to be in the studio until 3:30 P.M. Before the show, I wanted to practice my magic but in New York this proved to be difficult. In Utah, people are always excited to see a magic trick. In New York, People there don't like getting stopped on the street. The only way I could get people to stop was by saying, "I'm going to be on Jimmy Fallon doing magic, you want to see one of my tricks?"

"I'm saving some of this food for the plane!"
At 3:30, Nate and I entered the "Late NIght With Jimmy Fallon" studio. They took us to the dressing room and explained how things were going to happen. Then we had a run through on stage. Not once did the producers try to script my performance or change it in anyway. All they suggested was for me to incorporate Jimmy Fallon in my trick.
Nate in the dressing room.

Then we hung out in the dressing room until it was my time. The staff told us we could eat anything in the dressing room. Nate took that a little literal. He was eating everything he could and then he started putting food in his pocket. "I'm saving some of this food for the plane!"

Jimmy Fallon, the Johnny Carson of our times.
At 5:45 P.M. make up came in to do a few touch ups and by 6:00 P.M. I was on stage ready to go. Right before it went live, I met Jimmy Fallon for the first time. He shook my hand and said, "Thanks for coming, I am a huge fan." Then we went live. A lot of times when I am introduced on television shows, people get information wrong. They may mix the number of subscribers I have with number of Facebook fans or the number of views on one of my videos is over-exaggerated. All the information Fallon gave was correct and up-to-date. Once the trick was over, the show went to commercial and Fallon chatted with me a bit. He then let me sit on the couch with him while the band played. 

In the dressing room after the show, the writers came in to congratulate me and let me know they were huge fans of my videos. I was blown away. These were writers for a national broadcasted late night show telling me they were fans. That was one of the biggest highlights of that night.
Thank you note from Jimmy Fallon

The take away from the weekend: Jimmy Fallon and his crew are phenomenal! They were nice to Nate and I from start to finish. They made sure we were taken care of and always treated us with the upmost respect. Now that I met Jimmy Fallon, I can say without hesitation that he is the Johnny Carson of our times. He was classy. Fallon gave me the show for those few minutes. He let me perform my trick and for a moment he was a spectator. There are not many people who would do that. It reminded me of when Johnny Carson brought on special guests on his show. For those few minutes his guests were the stars. I'm looking forward to watching Jimmy Fallon's career grow as he takes Jay Leno's spot.

Fans: without you, none of this would be possible. 
I want to give a special thanks to all of my fans who watched my video. If it was not for your interest and support, I would never have been able to be on Jimmy Fallon's show. I am so thankful for the support of all of you! I have been able to pursue my dream of creating videos thanks to you. I can never forget you. I hope I can continue to make content you will love. Thank you.

If you haven't seen it, here it is:

What was your favorite part of the Jimmy Fallon clip? Feel free to leave any comments below. 

Thanks again fans!

Stuart Edge