The Power of The #FistBump

Let's come together and give.
For over a month I have been thinking of performing a magic trick with homeless people. These people on the streets are real people and I wanted to find a way to help them. I wanted to inspire them to help others as well. I want this video to help restart the conversation on this issue and create an environment where people can share their stories of being helped and when they helped others. Let us come together and help each other. I hope people will feel inspired to join in the conversation. 

In order to initiate the "magic" between the homeless person and myself, we had to #FistBump. We had to come together in order for the magic trick to work. We as citizens have to come together and help each other out as well. There is a power in the #FistBump. Let's #FistBump and make a difference in each others' lives.
Make the connection.

The effects are far reaching.
Homelessness effects over 640,000 people in the United States (Source). 13 percent of these homeless people are veterans who suffer from a mental disability. I got to know these people in the video very well. Before we filmed the magic trick, I would talk with each homeless person and learn about their stories. One of the guys was really sick and needed to pay for his hospital bill. Another homeless person's spouse had recently committed suicide. The gentleman in the video with a guitar had only pennies and nickels in his jar. These people are going through hard times and need help. 

I understand there are scam artists who abuse the system and take advantage of people's generosity. Do not let the decisions of a few effect your desire to help those who truly need our help. Be the change in the world and go out there and serve. 

Do not be afraid to #FistBump
In all honesty 100 dollars is not a lot. As a homeless person, there is not a lot you can do with a 100 dollars. I used a 100 dollars in the video to symbolize the importance of helping others. We need to connect with our fellowmen and assist those in need. Let us #FistBump with these people and make that connection.
We can make a difference.

Join the conversation
I want to encourage everyone to share this video and join in on the conversation through Twitter, Facebook, InstagramYouTube and the Facebook message board below. Share stories of when you have been helped by someone. Share stories of experiences you may have had or know about with homelessness. I want to hear from you. Join in on the power of the #FistBump and let's make a difference in each other's lives.

Thank you.