Pick My Nose

I needed someone to scratch my nose

A few months back, I was carrying some stuff with a friend of mine and my nose started to itch. It always happens at the worst time, doesn't it? Since my hands weren't free, I asked my friend if she could scratch it for me. She scratched my nose and it hit me. "This would be a funny video!" I tested it out in different scenarios and liked the results. It was now time to film it.

To help me out for this video, I used my two friends P.J. and Wex. Patrick and I were first introduced about 6 months ago through a mutual friend. Since then, he has helped me with numerous projects and late night escapades. Wex and I were first acquainted over three years ago when we lived in the same apartment complex. We formed a band together for a season called "48 Hours." That girl can sing!

We were driving to Salt Lake City when it hit me.

Originally, I planned to be in the video and asked P.J. to come help film it for me. I decided to solely film because directing while trying to act in a video is difficult. It was easier to have P.J. do it. I decided to film the prank at a mall in Salt Lake City, Utah, called City Creek. It was a perfect location. It had great lighting, beautiful scenery and lots of people. On the morning of the shoot, P.J. and I drove towards Salt Lake City with plans to film the prank. Half way there I told P.J., "We need a girl." That is when I called Wex and asked her to meet us in Salt Lake City. She dropped everything she was doing and came.

Wex gets some much needed help.

It was a very smooth film shoot. 

The whole thing was filmed in one day. Normally it takes me two days to film a video. The first day is the practice run. It is the time where I figure out what works and what is most effective. The second day is when I come back fully prepared and get great results. However, this time around everything worked in one day. I got the shots I wanted and great reactions, too. 

I was genuinely surprised by the responses I received from the people at the mall when they found out it was fake. I typically film on college campuses, and when the students find out they are being filmed, they usually react enthusiastically. With the shoppers, they reacted nonchalantly. They were neither surprised nor upset. Zombies? I guess us Utahans are just use to this type of thing. Whatever the reason, it worked out well.

I want to hear from you. 

What would you have done differently? Of all the reactions in the video, what was your favorite? Any suggestions for future videos? Any other comments? Feel free to leave them below.

Stuart Edge

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