• Make It Rain

    Is a kiss in the rain really the best? We put it to the test! Click here to watch the video and read about how it all came together.

  • The Power of The #Fistbump

    A magic trick that puts money into homeless people's hands. Click here to read about it and how to help those around you. Join in the conversation. Let us come together with a #FistBump and make a difference.

  • Electric Shock Kissing Prank - 330 Volts

    We definitely put the spark into these kisses! Click here to watch the video and read about how Kaitlin and I created some powerful chemsitry with complete strangers.

  • Picking Up Chicks With A Puppy

    There was a line about 2 1/2 hours long on the last day of finals, so we lessened the stress using a puppy...and put "puppy power" to the test.

  • Stripping With A Vending Machine

    We hit the strip with an empty vending machine. What happens in Vegas...gets put on YouTube. Read and watch it here.

Kissing In The Rain

Would you kiss in the rain? We put it to the test.
The Facts
5 days of filming
50 gallons of water (about a gallon each time)
20 hours spent filming
4 hours spent kissing
More than 100 people screened
80% of the time people accepted the kiss
More than 25 guys & girls kissed

Many people claim they want a romantic kiss. Famous movies like “Gone With The Wind”, “Titanic”, “From Here To Eternity”, and “Lady and the Tramp” feature romantic kisses that are unforgettable. But if you had the opportunity to try out a kiss you always fantasized about, would you actually do it?
Would you kiss a stranger in the rain?

I put this to the test with woman in my Spider-Man Kissing video back in February. I found most girls actually went for the kiss when Spider-Man dropped from the skies. After filming this video I wanted to test the ultimate kiss of my generation: the famous kiss in the rain between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook.” If you had the chance to kiss in the rain would you do it?

After four months of failed attempts, I mentioned my idea to Jarek. He loved it and urged us to film it. I had no idea how we would execute it but with Jarek’s enthusiasm we put ourselves to work. For this video I needed a warm place with access to water. So I had to leave the dessert of Utah and travel to Los Angeles. We decided to film at Santa Monica pier because it was filled with lots of great people who wouldn’t mind getting wet. We had just filmed the phone number kissing prank there two weeks ago so we were familiar with it.

  1. Water source: We needed to make it rain in one of the sunniest places on the west coast. It was going to be a challenge. We needed to find a place where we could draw lots of water. I asked a few stores by the pier but they didn’t want to help.  Thankfully the beach in Santa Monica had a washing station. It was the perfect place to draw from.
  2. Capturing Rain: Filming rain is more difficult than you think. I really struggled to get the right angle so that viewers could see the rainfall. At first my theory was to have the sun behind the camera’s back as we performed the survey but the light wasn’t strong enough to shine on the rain drops. It wasn’t until we were forced to film at a weird angle that we discovered the solution. As long as the rain was between the camera and the sunlight, viewers could see the rain.
  3. Waterproof Audio: How do you waterproof audio? It was so hard to figure out the best position for the microphones. Sometimes we would have it on us and other times we taped it to a wall next to us. In some shots one audio way would sound better than the other. We never found the perfect solution to the problem. Any suggestions for future videos?
  4. Rejection: The most frustrating part was after getting through the questionnaire some people would turn down a kiss. We went through all the work of setting it up and getting soaking wet but they would walk away. That was really annoying.
Watch my behind the scenes video below.

Take Home Message
Do not let obstacles stop you from following your dreams. I spent four months trying to get this video together but I didn’t let failed attempts discourage me from trying it out. Difficult tasks are accomplished just like everything else. It is one-step at a time. I didn’t let my doubts overpower me. I encourage you all to do the same. Follow your dreams, work hard and you will succeed in whatever you put your mind to.


Behind The Scenes Video:

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The Power of The #FistBump

Let's come together and give.
For over a month I have been thinking of performing a magic trick with homeless people. These people on the streets are real people and I wanted to find a way to help them. I wanted to inspire them to help others as well. I want this video to help restart the conversation on this issue and create an environment where people can share their stories of being helped and when they helped others. Let us come together and help each other. I hope people will feel inspired to join in the conversation. 

In order to initiate the "magic" between the homeless person and myself, we had to #FistBump. We had to come together in order for the magic trick to work. We as citizens have to come together and help each other out as well. There is a power in the #FistBump. Let's #FistBump and make a difference in each others' lives.
Make the connection.

The effects are far reaching.
Homelessness effects over 640,000 people in the United States (Source). 13 percent of these homeless people are veterans who suffer from a mental disability. I got to know these people in the video very well. Before we filmed the magic trick, I would talk with each homeless person and learn about their stories. One of the guys was really sick and needed to pay for his hospital bill. Another homeless person's spouse had recently committed suicide. The gentleman in the video with a guitar had only pennies and nickels in his jar. These people are going through hard times and need help. 

I understand there are scam artists who abuse the system and take advantage of people's generosity. Do not let the decisions of a few effect your desire to help those who truly need our help. Be the change in the world and go out there and serve. 

Do not be afraid to #FistBump
In all honesty 100 dollars is not a lot. As a homeless person, there is not a lot you can do with a 100 dollars. I used a 100 dollars in the video to symbolize the importance of helping others. We need to connect with our fellowmen and assist those in need. Let us #FistBump with these people and make that connection.
We can make a difference.

Join the conversation
I want to encourage everyone to share this video and join in on the conversation through Twitter, Facebook, InstagramYouTube and the Facebook message board below. Share stories of when you have been helped by someone. Share stories of experiences you may have had or know about with homelessness. I want to hear from you. Join in on the power of the #FistBump and let's make a difference in each other's lives.

Thank you.


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Electrically Charged Kisses

330 Volts of pure chemistry 
A few weeks ago Grant Thompson, a fellow YouTuber (click here to check him out), messaged me online about a cool idea. He is essentially a modern-day Macgyver. He takes things apart and makes other cool things out of them. Grant wanted to do a shocking prank with me. I decided to meet up with him.  

When I met up with Grant, He showed me this glove he would wear that would shock people when they touched it. I asked if he could put it inside a deck of cards. We brainstormed and found a way to fit it secretly inside the deck. In order for it to work, two people have to be holding the deck of cards and, by kissing, the circuit is closed and 330 volts of electricity shocks both people simultaneously. The science of circuits sounds cool but it hurts a ton.

Electric Kisses.
Love hurts
So after trying it out (and no Grant and I did not kiss) we decided to put it to film it. This video was the scariest shoot I have ever done. I had such conflicting feelings because I wanted to film it but at the same time I knew how much 330 volts hurt. To give you a good perspective, that is three times the power coming out of your electric socket at home. After the first day of shooting, my fillings were in so much pain. I had the biggest headache. Trust me, you can feel it.

Before I started filming, I wanted to make sure I got reactions from both sexes. It would be a better video if both sexes would be freaking out from the shock. So I called my friend Kaitlin, from previous videos, to help out. She is about to serve an LDS mission in California so I wanted to do one last video with her before she left. I explained the situation and she agreed to subject herself to 330 volts of electricity for YouTube. Thank you Kaitlin.

Note to self: two microphones
I decided to film on BYU campus again but this time it was going to be a little harder. Since it is summer semester, there are fewer students on campus. We only had one microphone between Kaitlin and I, so switching between the two of us took a bit of time. If a group of guys walked by and I had the microphone, I would have to switch quickly with Kaitlin so she could perform the trick for them. I learned my lesson on the first day and got two microphones for the second day of shooting. It made the whole process so much easier!

Since it was BYU and I was filming in the exact same spot as the Magic Kissing Card trick, many people would ask me if I was going to attempt to kiss them in the video. I would just start the trick without answering their question. 

I was really surprised to see that some guys wouldn't flinch at all when they got shocked. Either they were trying to seem macho in front of Kaitlin or they pee on electric fences for fun, because that stuff kills!
Believe me. It hurts.

Do not try this at home, unless you pee on electric fences
This is definitely one of my tricks that I would suggest not trying at home. There are easier ways to get a girl to kiss you. If you do not believe me, check out any of my other videos here. I was surprised no one got upset. I really like working with BYU students because they are always nice. I imagine trying this at another college campus would not get the same reaction. Thanks to the many of the many BYU students who have appeared in my video. You make a lot of this possible.

What did you think of the video? Feel free to comment through the Facebook box below.

If you are an avid watcher of Stuart Edge pranks, what did you call yourself? Edgemights? Stuarites? Stu-crew?

Thanks for watching


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Puppy Kisses & Endless Exams

"Get me a puppy! I have an idea."
Recently I was asked to participate in Extra's YouTube Challenge. Before I flew out to Los Angeles for the shoot, I had to film a promo for it. For the promo I headed to one of my favorite filming locations, Brigham Young University. While I was there on campus, I noticed a long line in front of the testing center building. Since it was the last day of finals for Brigham Young University students, the line to the testing center was out the door. The students were standing in this huge line with nothing to do. That is when it hit me: I could film my puppy video.
Everyone got puppy kisses.

A few weeks back, I came up with an idea to film a video involving puppies. I brainstormed different ideas and came up with one but I needed a great location to try it out. It occurred to me at this moment in front of dozens of students standing in line that this could be that moment. I called a friend of mine to see if he could get me a puppy pronto. He quickly got a friend to lend us her puppy. We were in business.

"A Shih tzu." "Wait, what did you say?"
We got the puppy (a shih tzu), my camera, and a microphone ready in less than an hour. My plan was to walk around with a puppy and see how much I could get away with. It didn't work. It didn't feel natural. It felt a little forced. Instead, I decided to walk up to girls and offer them to play with the puppy for a minute if they gave me a kiss. It felt like the puppy got more kisses then I did. 

It took me about 45 minutes to walk through the entire line. There were so many students waiting to take their tests. The people at the end of the line had to wait over two hours. I met one person who had to take two tests that same day. After he finished the first test he was going to have to reenter the line t take the second one. Crazy!  

"You can hold the puppy if you give me a kiss."
The filming location was perfect because these students were already standing there. They were really bored and were looking for any distraction. What better distraction some girls than a cute little puppy, right?! It was a great way to relieve some of the stress the students were feeling. Through out the process I got six girls to kiss me. One girl towards the end actually thought she had to kiss me for a minute. I made it known very quickly that it was just a peck. Looks like I missed a great opportunity there.
Both women and men love puppies.

A lot of times my film shoots happen quite spontaneously. I am so thankful to all my friends who answer the call and help me out. None of this would be possible without them. I want to thank my friend Kolby Larsen for all his help in filming this video. He draws and paints some pretty cool things on his Youtube Channel. Check him out here.  

I had a ton of fun filming this one. It was great to help out some stressed students during finals week. I can't believe they stood in that line for over two hours! Who wouldn't be stressed in that situation? Remember: nothing relieves stress better than a puppy.....and a kiss from Stuart. 

Let me hear from you!
What is your favorite type of puppy? How do you relieve stress? Let me know your answers and any other questions you may have through the Facebook Comments below.

Thanks for watching.


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Stripping With A Vending Machine

Famous YouTuber seeks cheap vending machine.

In front of my friends’ apartment, there is a vending machine. Every time I pass it, I always think of how freaky it would be to have someone hidden inside it. I always wanted to do a prank video about it but only if I could find a vending machine to use. I had no idea where to look for a used vending machine but low and behold the Internet had the answer.

Moving the vending machine took some coordination.

I woke up one day and said to myself, “I am going to look for a vending machine.” I found a place online that was selling it for 250 bucks. I drove out there, bought it and brought it back to my place. On the way back from the purchase, my friend P.J., who was in the Pick My Nose Prank, called me to let me know he was going to Las Vegas the next day. He thought it would be a great idea to film the vending machine prank on the strip but two things had to happen in the next few hours. I had to clean out the inside of the machine and find a truck to transport it the six hour drive to Vegas.

I posted a comment on Facebook wondering if any of my friends would like to lend their truck out for the weekend and I began cleaning the machine.  It took my friends and I until one in the morning to finish cleaning the inside. A friend of mine responded to my post and let me borrow his truck. We were ready to drive to Vegas.

A Russian vending machine.

A few months ago I attended Playlist Live, a convention for YouTubers, where I met the Crazy Russian Hacker. I had seen his videos and he had seen mine. We always talked about possibly collaborating sometime in the future. He let me know a few weeks ago that he was going to be sightseeing through the United States and he was going to be in Utah in the upcoming week. Well it turns out that this particular weekend he happened to be in Vegas, so he met up with us there and helped us with the shoot.

Only in Vegas can you high-five an alien.

My friend P.J. goes to Vegas about every other week so he was really familiar with the strip. He found us a great spot to place the vending machine but unfortunately we were asked to leave after only getting a few shots.  We spent the next hour and a half looking for another great spot to film. We finally found one and it turns out it was directly across the street from the first filming location. 

I was a little more worried about this shoot because we didn’t have extra days to come back and film. We were only going to be in Vegas for one day.  We had to get it right. It all went smoothly. Thanks to Crazy Russian Hacker’s Go Pro, we were able to get some great shots of people’s reactions. I was so surprised people didn’t notice the GoPro on the top right corner of the machine. Apparently people never look up.

Steven, it’s Stuart. You all right in there?

I only ran into two problems with this particular video. The first problem was keeping my brother Steven from over heating inside the machine. We tried putting ice in the box with him but it just turned to hot water and made it even worse for him. But Steven was a pro and stuck through it.  In the second location there was a lot more shade, which made it a lot easier for my brother and we were able to get some great reactions.

My brother and I getting ready for the shoot.

The second problem was in postproduction. This was my first out-of-state video. In Utah you rarely have to worry about language or nudity but in Vegas it is a whole different story. Since I want my videos to be watched by all age groups, I had to do a lot of editing to cut out swearing and certain billboards that would pass by on the street.  With Crazy Russian Hacker’s GoPro, I was able to change between camera angles to edit out unnecessary language and billboards.

What would you do?

I would love to do another vending machine prank since I own one now. If you have any ideas on possible pranks with a vending machine please feel free to leave them in the comments below.  If you have any other comments or questions, comment below as well.

Thanks for watching.


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